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Club or Country?

  • Club or Country?

No matter what the sport, the debate over club verses country is bound to come up at some stage throughout the season.

After a 1 all draw on Friday night against Melbourne Victory coach Gary Van Egmond and Jets fans were left wondering at what could have been.

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Without Taggart, Brillante, Hoole and Chapman the jets were understrength for the clash against Melbourne Victory. The Victory also had a few players out for a tournament with questionable relevance.

Now Iím all for players being allowed to represent their country but when it effects the regular season fixtures, questions have to be asked why this event was scheduled when it was, and if it was to effect so many A-Leagues then why didnít the Football Federation schedule a break from regular season fixtures?

If Newcastle and Melbourne were able to field their U/22 reps we would have seen a better game of Football on Friday night and a bigger crowd. Jets coach Gary Van Egmond wasnít happy with the FFA and I have to agree.

With the popularity of the big bash booming at present, The A-League has a fight on its hands to keep spectators interested. Denying clubs the right to field full strength sides is only going to harm the games growth in an already jam packed sporting landscape.

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