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Top 5 Jets Goalkeepers

  • Top 5 Jets Goalkeepers

Newcastle has had a few goalkeepers come and go over the years in the A-League. So not to be forgotten for the work they do at the back, I decided to name my top 5 keepers for the Jets. To be honest I was flat out trying to find 5, but here they are. Let us know your thoughts and if you think someone else should be in there?

5. Matthew Nash The thing I like about this bloke is that he looked like he should have been playing park football or placing a bet at the tab on a Saturday arvo, but when called upon by the Jets he did his best.

4. Liam Reddy These days he plays for that mob down the road but in the first season of the A-League Reddy was the Jets number 1.

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3. Ben Kennedy He seems like he has been at the club for years. For most of his career he has played second to other keepers but his loyalty to club is enough to put him at number 3.

2. Mark Birighitti Although he had a night to forget last Saturday night, Birighitti is arguably the best goalie in the A-League today.

1. Ante Covic Was the keeper in the Championship winning team of season 2007-08.

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