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Jets look to next season

  • Jets look to next season

So the season is officially over for the Newcastle Jets but club management are already working for next season.

The first job is to secure a new coach. Current coach Clayton Zane is interested in keeping the role but the big money is on Graham Arnold to take over the job.

The second task is to work out who stays and who goes. Eleven players are already signed for next year and the club want to keep Joel Griffiths and David Carney while Emile Heskey is unsure about his future. Maybe the new coach will have a say on all three.

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Who would you like to see in the top job? Although Graham Arnold would be great for the club, I would like to see Clayton Zane get a full season in charge and the team that he wants. As for the playing staff the club should be looking for a replacement for Adam Taggart as Iím sure he will be picked up be an overseas team shortly. Carney, Griffiths and Heskey all have experience but how much experience is needed? Although he hasnít had the best year, Heskey is still an asset for the club on and off the field. Griffiths has played second or third to Taggart and Heskey and maybe of some value but as for David Carney, I think we may have seen the last of him in a red and blue shirt.

What are your thoughts on who should stay and go, and who do you think should get the coaching role?

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