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Newcastle Jets look to Peter Crouch

  • Newcastle Jets look to Peter Crouch

In recent times Newcastle Jets have seen a very poor and shameful run of form in the A-League and it was brought to a halt in this round with the team impressively losing 4-3 to Perth Glory. The depleted red and blue striped team are showing signs of a needed more than ever and the end of the season for the Jets couldn't come soon enough.

Despite all of this, the Newcastle Jets coach Phil Stubbins is certain the Newcastle Jets can re-discover themselves in time for the next season to come around.

It has also been rumoured that the Newcastle Jets are looking to sign Stoke City's Peter Crouch due to the player aging and losing form and so in turn would likely go to a club to grab any chance he at re-igniting his spark along with the ability to promote football in another country that doesn't see as much passion as England's.

If the move to obtain Peter Crouch is true then it would be entirely possible as Peter Crouch was formerly a team mate and friend of Emile Heskey, the previous Newcastle Jets Marque and England forward for quite some years before plying his trade for the Newcastle Jets in order to Promote Australian football.

Emile Heskey had a fairly up and down time in the A-League but it was apparent that he loved every bit of the Australian culture and way of football and so he would be the number one player to talk to Peter Crouch and pursuade him of a move to the club.

Only time can tell whether Newcaslte Jets will sign this player but Newcastle Jets fans will be crossing their fingers at the opportunity as they know that this player could offer Newcastle Jets a decent shot at the finals series and the premiership.

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