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Jets' Crowley a rarity in A-League

  • Jets' Crowley a rarity in A-League

Most kids would wallow in self pity if they fluffed a sitter in the six-yard box the way Newcastle Jets youngster Braedyn Crowley did in his A-League debut last week.

But Crowley insists he's not like most kids.

"I'm a bit different to a lot of young kids. They might dwell on it and they'll read social media and let it get to them," he told AAP.

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"But I don't just focus on football and skill. Ever since I was young, I focused on mentality and discipline. I don't let stuff get to me."

The 19-year-old striker went on to put in, in the absence of talisman Milos Trifunovic, an industrious shift that helped the Jets secure a point against title contenders Brisbane.

Coach Scott Miller described Crowley's first outing as "threatening" and "mature".

"Most people focused on that miss, but I went home, watched the game, and I was happy with it," Crowley said.

"For my first start in the A-League, I thought it was solid. I tried to keep the ball as much as I could, and pressed when I needed to.

"Those things happen in football when you miss. I just said to myself, `It'll happen again, I'll get another opportunity'."

Crowley is used to being a rarity, having arrived from Newcastle from the steamy tropics of North Queensland, where he scored almost half of his side's 38 goals in his final season for the Fury as a 17-year-old in 2014.

And while he may be a rookie, he understands the responsibility of being a role model for an entire region's batch of youngster watching his every step.

"If the kids up there see that I've come to a youth team or I've made a first team, that they know that there're chances. It's just about taking them," he said.

"Whenever I go back to Townsville, I always go down to Fury and there's always kids coming up to me and I love it. I try and be a good role model to them and show that anything is possible."

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